Golf Writer, Rick Woelfel, & Kim Talk About the Genesis of Genesis & the Mid-Atlantic Golf Corridor as a Destination

During the wintry months of 2014, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rick Woelfel about the game of golf, our industry and then Genesis and how we focus uniquely on the Mid-Atlantic corridor as golf destination offerings.  Rick has been writing and doing interviews for years, looking for a slightly different spin than most other writers, which makes him unique. He looks a little deeper than most, so that the reader learns a little more than simply about golf. Here’s wishing Rick and Women’s Golf Report, much success in 2014!

Writer Rick Woelfel, from the Women’s Golf Report, talks with Kim about the start of Genesis. Click here to listen to this podcast. 

Writer Rick Woelfel, from the Women’s Golf Report, talks with Kim Carl about 10 Unique Trails within the Mid-Atlantic US.  Click here to listen to this podcast.

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