We Make it Easy to be a Group Leader

Being a Group Leader for a social group of golfing friends is no easy task. We know this, since we work with group leaders all the time.  Without you brave souls, social golf travel wouldn’t occur and so, we want to acknowledge what you do and how important you are to Genesis.  To make the process easier, we have developed all kinds of tools, making it simple to plan a trip every single year.

As such, here is our list of tools:

  • View your trip online & foward to your friends with the Genesis MY TRIP feature
  • Group leader incentives such as complimentary trips with certain number of attendees or earned trips with referrals to other group leaders of different travelers
  • Fliers for larger groups promotional efforts, additional travel needs and event planning
  • Co-management of group attendees with final reconciliations and double checks made
  • 24/7 emergency after hours line for group leaders for unforeseen issues and weather
  • Incentives and savings for additional trips throughout the year

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