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Things to do in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, Virginia continues to grow in popularity, specifically during the spring and fall shoulder seasons. The most exciting news is the addition and reopening of the long time favorite, Augustine Golf Club. Having an additional high-end course in the destination will surely please our most discerning golfers from the East Coast.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, another popular destination, is still in the midst of celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. This gives golfers plenty else to do, but seems to be affecting hotel pricing a little. As a result, I added a few more accommodation partners to help out with sold out and special event times when hotel inventory is hard to come by.

York, Pennsylvania is growing in interest again thanks to a broader golf course selection & enhancements with existing entities that are consistent deliverers. It’s one of the few destinations that we offer stay & play options in a resort setting, while also offering a variety of other accommodations and proximities to multiple restaurants.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is always a hot spot for golfers looking to experience high-end golf tracks combined with other things to do. We finally added a hotel in the heart of Hershey that could not be better suited for small to mid-sized golf groups. When traveling to this region you’ll also want to try your luck at the Hollywood Casino and Race Track for a lively evening.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania continues to be a solid destination on its own or in combination with York or Hershey. In 2012 golfers will have greater variety in accommodation choices depending upon if it’s a social men/women only group or a couples group, which sometime desire alternative accommodations.

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