Thanks for seeing us!

Tyler and Sydney were delighted to have met so many awesome folks at the Scranton Golf Expo last month!  Upon their return they were energized and had so many positive interactions with past clients and new faces.  Having the ability to actually talk face-to-face was definitely worth the trip to the show and really gave them a great framework for how to better serve you all while planning your LEGENDARY golf trips.

Being able to talk to our clients is so important to us.  And as we have stressed before, you are more than just a quote, you are our friend.  We want to bring you the absolute best and even though we only have been able to attend one golf show this year, it was vital to get out there and talk in person.  Being our Assistant GM to the company, Sydney truly cares about the relationship we have with our clients.  Tyler’s passion for golf gives him a drive to really push to make trips he books LEGENDARY for his customers.  With all this in mind, you can see why it meant a lot to us that you stopped by and took time to say hello.

We really are looking forward to this golf season.  The weather is heating up.  Grass will begin growing.  Tee times will be taken and cold beverages consumed.  We really hope to see you again soon and wish you the best of luck with your golf game this season!

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