Why Myrtle Beach?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a golf trip.  Factors such as travel time, weather, and course/accommodation selection all play a part.  And it is no secret that Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the most popular locations that draws golfers from all over the country and world.  However, have you ever considered that you can get that same exact value for less money, less travel time and more personal touch?  Genesis is here to bring you that remedy.

Genesis has six regions that satisfy the golfing appetites for golfers of all levels.  Our perfect substitutes for Myrtle Beach first and foremost would be Fredericksburg, VA and Ocean City, MD and Delaware.

In Virginia, you will find the warmest average temperatures out of all our regions.  The southern hospitality is second to none and the range of courses will bring out the best of your golf game.  Downtown Fredericksburg has so much culture and night life to offer that it would take multiple trips to experience it all.  Boredom is never a problem in this great Virginian City.  What’s the best part?  You can find it right in the middle of our Virginia course offerings.

Looking to get a little coastal?  Ocean City and the Delaware Shore have your name all over them.  With some of the most creative courses in our regions and the incredible seafood fare, Ocean City and Delaware are a combination that screams FUN from the rooftops.  Miles of free beach, hundreds of bars and restaurants and challenging water-riddled courses make OCMD and DE the spot to go for a summer golf trip.

LEGENDARY golf trips are yours for the taking to these fine locations.  Save yourself the 10+ hour car ride to South Carolina.  You could be through 2 rounds of golf in that time.  The math is simple, less time in a car equals more time golfing, eating and making memories.    So what are you waiting for?  You have time to spend.

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