“Genesis Golf has provided a hassle free trip. Courses recommended were excellent, course check in was a breeze with additional directions making getting to the courses easy. We would highly recommend Genesis Golf for your next trip.” – Steve Campbell, visited Fredericksburg, VA, April 2014

“Another great package setup by Genesis, thanks to everyone especially Kaila!” – Denny Luminella, visited Fredericksburg, VA, April 2014

“If you are looking for a golf trip for your first time, try GENESIS, and you will keep going back” – John Deitz, visited Fredericksburg, VA, April 2014

“Jeff Carl was great, thank you! Great services, will book through Genesis again.” – Mark Baum, visited Pocono Mountains, Pa, May 2014

“…you all go out of the way for us; the extra mile and I appreciate it.  Too often it’s easy to give negative comments. People tend to take for granted the positive though.  You always steer us in the right direction and I value your judgement. That’s why I ask, you are in the industry and tapping into that knowledge is valuable” – Bill Kelly, visited Fredericksburg, VA, May 2014

“The trip to Fredericksburg went very well. We lucked out with the weather. It was sunny and about 75 degrees each day. We enjoyed the 4 golf courses and had someone join our twosome on a couple of days. We gained some local knowledge from them. Wytestone Suites were excellent. Our rooms were monstrous. 2 TVs and 2 fridges in each suite. We had a great time. Thanks for your help.” – Peter Kotowych, visited Fredericksburg, VA, May 2014

“We had an awesome time! The weather was perfect – in fact I was out of excuses for my golf scores! The hotel was better than I expected as they recently refurbished the rooms, and Loxley’s is always an experience. All the guys had a fun and ‘therapeutic’ weekend; thanks again for all the help!” – Trevor Richards, visited Lancaster, PA, June 2014

“Kim – Thank you so much for taking care of us. We would not have been disappointed if we had not gotten the rain check but it shows you care about the people you serve. We will certainly use you in the future.” – Will Seilhamer, visited Harrisburg, PA, June 2013

Fri, July 7th, 2012

“Kim………….you are truly the best !!!

Honestly !!

How can anyone not book a golf getaway with you and Jeff’s company, I can vouch that since I have been dealing with Genesis the last couple of years you guys have shown the best CUSTOMER SERVICE I had the opportunity to have in the 20+ years I have been golfing & number of Golf trips Getaway organizations ( xxx’s, etc……) you guys are all a class act !! ….please give my thanks to Jeff & the rest of the crew at Genesis.

I will be in touch with you in the next week or two to set something up in September as soon as my friend gets out of the hospital to discuss our so called DELAYED golf trip !!

Have a nice weekend & God Bless !!”

Russ Tinsman

“No comparison. 24 golfers for 31 years, never had a better experience dealing with the reservations. Genesis is head and shoulders above the rest.” – Denny Luminella, visited Fredericksburg, Virginia

“Ken Scott was great. Very Helpful. Thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We’re already talking about planning another!” – Dave Cook, visited Fredericksburg, Virginia, March 2011

“It’s hard to improve on perfection.” – Ralph Lapp visited Fredericksburg, Virginia,  March 2011

“A special thanks to Ken Scott for his quick work on short notice!”  – Bill Fifield, March 2011

“We received great service, changing dates at last minute to avoid all day rain on April 8. Thanks again to Ken, Kim and especially Jenelle for getting our dates changed. Friday April 8 would have been UNPLAYABLE!” – Bruce Kephart, April 2011

“Just back from 4 days in Gettysburg with a group of 32 ‘golfers’.  Despite a rainy forecast, we only had a half day of drizzle and showers.  Played 5 plus rounds at South Hills, Quail Valley, Links at Gettysburg, and Bridges.  Kim and her staff were able to provide a great price, a very accomodating hotel (Cross Keys Inn, 4 breakfasts and one dinner and hospitality room included), and great golf courses.” – Tim Kerns, visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, May 2011

“We are only a group of three, yet Jeff treats us as if we were a group of twenty. Great service!” – Marvin Bublick, May 2011

“If you travel (for golf), this is the company to go to.  Normally, you never hear good things, only the complaints. So, when I got back I wanted to tell Jeff the trip was 100% perfect. The trip was what I asked for, what I expected and what I got. It started right from the beginning, where you typically can get a lot of bull. Jeff was upbeat, no bull and did everything perfect.” – Ralph Lapp, Delaware

“Northern Virginia golf packages by Genesis are head and shoulders above all of our groups previous golf trips, and our travel time is cut by 250 miles!” – Dennis Luminella, visited Fredericksburg, Virginia, April 2011

“Was very pleased with what was set up! Great trip!” – Gary Wildasin ,April 2011

Attn Jeff Carl:

“We made our trip and you are right it was wet.  When we got to Blue Ridge they had limited play for walkers only but after calling your office, the clubhouse manager call the course we were to play on Sunday and they switched Friday for Saturdays schedule and all came out pretty good considering the conditions.  Everything was 90% rule and we had carts.  All of us had very wet feet but we all got in 18 holes each of the three days.  I have not heard any more about the others sueing me because of the trench foot cases.  We still had a good time and left some beer for the natives.  In other words the courses took good care of us.  Thanks for your concern.  See you next year.” – John Toomey

“The Gods were with us on this trip as we once again proved that the meteorologists in the Northeast get paid for being wrong 90% of the time.  Although the weather was cloudy and a bit misty in the morning we were still able to play all 3 courses in full and everyone had a great time.  The Hotel was also perfect as was the restaurant next door.  To his great pleasure my brother was even hit on in the bar by a nice looking, very friendly, not very shy late 30ish young woman who even bought him a beer!  He had to wait 65 years for this, so he was a happy camper.  Her ardor, however, wasn’t even dampened when she learned that not only was he a grandfather, but that he had 10 grandchildren!  It was all in fun though and we all enjoyed a good time.

These 3 courses as well as the accommodations got very high accolades by everybody and several expressed a desire to return again – so everything received high marks should you have an opportunity to recommend this package to anyone else in the future.
In any event, I just returned home this morning and I wanted to thank you for your help in pulling this whole thing together.  I certainly couldn’t have done it myself so – thank you.”  – Jeff Carleton, May 2011

“I can’t think of anything else you could do. This is my 4th trip with you and each has been well run and as advertised you have been very responsive to whatever minor glitches have arisen. The Lancaster area was an excellent value and easily accessible from Long Island. The hotel was clean and comfortable, the courses were interesting and challenging and the weather was excellent. Could not ask for more. Another Terrific job Kim!” – Bill Link May 2011

“Our trip to Hershey on the 18th of August was a great success.  I had never thought that a vacation with 8 guys could be so seamless.  We had a great time.  The courses were phenomenal and the accommodations were perfect.  We will start planning our trip for next year ASAP.  I think, 12 will be signing up next round.  Again, I truly appreciate the service provided by you and Genesis. All of them have been great, but this was the best so far. Every trip has made me a hero to the group.” – Joe Hebler, September 2011

“I appreciate the ease of changing dates when Hurricane Irene was coming and traveling and golfing would have been miserable if not impossible.”  – Suzanne Hamilton, August 2011

“Excellent Service, very understanding under the circumstances.” – Gary Woolever, September 2011

“From booking to playing everything was well planned and nothing can top that.” – Sharon Flanigan, October 2011

“I wanted to thank you very much!  We went on our golf trip this past weekend and everything was perfect!  The hotel was WONDERFUL and the golf course was beautiful!  Thank you so much for your help!  I will not hesitate to go through your company again and I will recommend you to all!  Wonderful job!” – Kristi Brown, October 2011

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