Feature: York County, PA

York Revolution Baseball Team

When you think “Golf,” York County, Pennsylvania may not be the first locale that comes to mind.  Maybe it’s time for that to start happening.With 15 courses in the county alone and the central hub from where Genesis Golf Trips operates, there is a living golf culture in the area.  York County also has much to offer outside the realm of golf which makes it an ideal destination for golf trip travels.

The city of York has very historic roots that bring people around every year to investigate and learn.  While exploring downtown, folks can catch a York Revolution Baseball game that is fun for everyone.  As you venture into the county, you can find restaurants serving you food from all different styles.  Highlighted restaurants such as Wyndridge Farms in Dallastown or Knickers Pub at our partnering course Heritage Hills are some of the top choices.   Hit up Cobblestones after dinner on South George Street and enjoy one of York City’s finest gastropubs if you are really looking for that urban feel while visiting.

If your Golf Trip travels ever find you making your way to our very own backyard, we take it as a compliment.  Knowing we have clients coming right into our own region means a lot to us and to the game of golf in South Central Pennsylvania.  We always want to bring you the best at Genesis, so let us do our job and deliver in our own neighborhood of York County.  As always, just simply contact us if you have any questions about York or any of our regions.  We love hearing from our LEGENDARY clients.

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