Tours and Tournaments

One thing that makes us different at Genesis is that we are always thinking of ways to improve our client’s experiences.  As the cusp of the golf season is upon us, we are beginning to design new additions to our services.    Enter Genesis Golf Tours and Genesis Golf Tournaments.

Genesis Golf Tours are a totally new take on your ordinary Golf Trips.  Think of it as a standard Golf Trip cranked up a few notches.  These tours will bring you the absolute best each region has to offer.  We are going to partner the game of golf with exquisite dinners, entertainment, the best attractions and locations and even amusement parks!  The possibilities are seriously endless when it comes to these tours.  Be on the look-out on our website and in our e-newsletters as we coin these exclusive LEGENDARY tours for your group to take advantage of.

Are you feeling a little competitive?  Want to bring out the best of your golf game?  Genesis has your fix.  Genesis Golf Tournaments will be here this year!  By us partnering with select courses, we will officially be helping, organizing and sponsoring tournaments.  Some of these tournaments will be themed for seasons and locations just to add a little flavor to the competition.  More information is still to come as we develop this brand new idea but one thing is for sure, we want you to become a LEGEND, and these tournaments will provide just the opportunity.

None of these awesome ideas would be possible without our incredible friends in golf.  Whether you have done ten trips, or just one, all the same; we value you greatly.  Genesis is excited to have you come on this journey with us as we broaden our brand and increase the amount of fun you and your groups will have.  Let’s make 2016 the best year of golf together!


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