Genesis Rain Credit

Sometimes a Rain Check Just Doesn’t Cut It!

Genesis Golf Trips offers the most progressive rain policy on the East Coast. While rain checks may work for local golfers, with plenty of opportunity to utilize it before it expires, it doesn’t work so well for traveling golfers. While Genesis customers can always opt for the course Rain Check if it’s to your benefit, usually the Genesis Rain Credit is the best way to go.

Unlike golf course rain checks, a Genesis rain credit is valid for 4 years and can be applied to any golf trip that you organize with Genesis for up to 4 years.  Is it doubtful you will go away again in 4 years?  No worries; given our expansive presence in so many markets, there may be a local course that your group will want to play together to use up the credit.  The only limitation is that the credit is a group credit and not valid directly at the courses or on an individual basis.  If you traveled as a group, you must redeem it as a group. After all, spending more time together as a group isn’t the worst thing in the world to happen!

To redeem it, simply contact your Genesis golf professional to apply towards a trip or organize a golf only option.  Credits are a value amount that represents the group financial investment for each course of play. For example, if the total value of your group round was $1000, then that full value will be available to you to use for a future trip (assuming the course approved being closed or the rain credit being issued with questionable issues).

Add in our Emergency Manager on Duty (EMOD) service to advocate for you during inclement weather, and there is NO RISK for your group to take an early spring or late fall trip. We’ve got you covered!

Genesis Rain Credit Valuation:  The following financial valuation of a round investment is based upon the first or average foursome’s location on the Golf Course at the time unplayable conditions is agreed upon by the said Golf Course:   1. Golf Group does not get to tee off = Golf Group gets full credit for that round investment.  2. Golf Group plays less than 4 holes = Golf group gets 90% of that valuation.  3. Golf Group plays more than 5 – 7 holes = Golf group gets 70% of that valuation.  4. Golf Group plays more than 8 – 10 holes = Golf group gets 40% of that valuation.  5. Golf Group plays more than 11 – 13 holes = Golf group gets 25% of that valuation.    6. Golf Group plays 14 or more holes = Golf group gets no financial valuation for that day of play.

Disclaimer: Ocean City Golf Getaway course members do not participate in this valuation or the Genesis Raincredit policy

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