Your Voice Matters

One of the best ways for us to gauge not just how you are doing but how WE are doing is by our Trip Review System.  Each time a group leader or a trip attendee takes this review, it goes directly into our database for us to assess and use to better improve upon future trips and experiences for our clients.  At Genesis, if you don’t know by now; you matter.  Your voice matters. We want you to critique every course, every hotel and even your experience with us working for you.  It can only help make us better.  LEGENDARY feedback is going to only lead to LEGENDARY trips.

This is another great tool to help us design your trips as LEGENDARY.  We want the absolute best for you and love to hear how your trips went.  What you liked, didn’t like, how dinner was, even something special that happened.  So on the review you will find simple questions for each course you played and a scale to rate those courses.  Open-ended questions are also there for you to give us direct wording to what you want to convey to us. It means a lot to us that not just group leaders, but attendees complete these reviews to really bring all the likes and dislikes of each of our clients.  In the future, we will be able to pull these reviews and assess exactly what each person enjoyed and did not like, in turn allowing our trip customization to be greatly improved.  Think of it as a way for you to help us help you!

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